It’s a talking problem.

There was a line that was originally scripted that they cut out, which was in the jail cell…

"Magic is what you make of it. It can be dangerous and deadly, or it can be m y s t i c a l  and  b e a u t i f u l.”

wendy + casual magic

Darkness is Rising - Summer 2014

Good Morning, Swanshine.

Good Morning, Swanshine.

…but with you, Regina, I always know when you’re lying.
…but with you, Regina, I always know when you’re lying.

"God, I missed you…"  the young woman gives them a bitter laugh, and they can notice she is holding back tears. “and… and you’re here… but…you’re not them, not yet.”

AU: Elsa is separated from her moms. After years looking through realms, she finally finds them. Though soon she discovers she also travelled in time and Emma and Regina can’t even begin to imagine who she is.


Ghost Emma AU

#’cause this ship is not painful enough already

AU: In an attempt to prevent an impending war between their kingdoms, queen Snow sends her daughter Emma as a gesture of good faith to serve under her sworn enemy. Cora deems this a perfect opportunity to try and get information by appointing knight Emma to her daughter Regina’s personal guard. Trapped in the middle of a war between their mothers, Emma and Regina find unexpected allies in each other. Will Regina carry on her mother’s bidding, or will her budding feelings for Emma get in the way? Is peace possible between the two kingdoms? Can true love conquer all?

Why does witchcraft have to have so many rules?
Hey, don’t forget. It lets you break a lot of rules, too.

Witches of East End 2.01 - A Moveable Beast


wendy beauchamp in “a moveable beast”