"How do you create chemistry? If only I knew that! Some people say it’s a natural thing that you have with someone, and maybe it is to do with that, but I think you can work on it.


get to know: Natalie Dormer (insp.)


Rumbelle kiss - 2x04


Lana & Jennifer at Comic Con 2014 It’s tradition every year until they actually sit together!


The actual scene.

Emilia Clarke doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [x]

Scarlet Queen AU: Will and Ana decide to vacation in Storybrooke to relieve some of the stress of ruling Wonderland during her pregnancy.


"You’re back!"

"And you’re still cooking. You know, you made enough to feed an army this morning."

"Snow says I’m nesting.”


touch me and you’ll  b u r n inspired by x

The ground, that’s the dream

Shaw: One of the things I left out of my file. I kind of enjoy this sort of thing.
Root: I’m so glad you said that. I do, too.