“Eu estou orgulhosa de você”


“Eu te amo” B.


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"É um trato?" || "É um trato."

"Então eu acho que a gente vai ter que selar!"

"Com sangue?" || "Tenho ideia melhor…"


“suits me Huuuh?…. be a queen!”

Katie Mcgrath

# Awesome Cast

Merlin Q&A Panel:

What can you tease for next season?

Bradley: “(…) I’m given a sword  and I’m told to play around with it.”

Smallville Q&A Panel:

How do you  prepare for that? (kissing scenes)

Justin: " (…) Don’t get mad at me if something happens, but don’t get offended if nothing happens."

#Ali & Noah being adorable.

#Ali & Noah being adorable.

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