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30 Days of Clark and Tess
Day 9 || Favorite Season 9 moment ||

Probably one of my favorite moments ever. 

I dont even know how to explain why. its like … He gains this power to hear thoughts on this episode and in this one second scene he sees this angelic beauty passing right in front of him, looking right in his eyes and yet, at that moment, he could not hear her thoughts BUT he hears the guests…who are describing her as a pure devil….so Cless! if u know what I mean!? #IjustMissTHEM!

# Awesome Cast

Merlin Q&A Panel:

What can you tease for next season?

Bradley: “(…) I’m given a sword  and I’m told to play around with it.”

Smallville Q&A Panel:

How do you  prepare for that? (kissing scenes)

Justin: " (…) Don’t get mad at me if something happens, but don’t get offended if nothing happens."





30 Days of Clark and Tess

Day 2 | |  Favorite Tess Mercer Outfit

Unpopular opinion but I think this was the most unflattering thing she ever wore. Cassidy is one of the most beautiful women on TV and its impossible to make her not look gorgeous but they achieved it here. And God knows what they did to her hair in that scene. Talk about being overdone. She looked way prettier in the scene where CL comes in her DP office when she looks at that dress.

I think she looks incredible in the dress but I agree about the hair. They way overcurled it. But I guess they figured nobody would be paying attention to her hair lol

LOL with that amount of cleavage? No. But I think even the make-up department didn’t do a very flawless job in that scene. That’s just my opinion though.

I agree with @cordysangel . About the hair lool I think one side looks beautiful and the other just awful! xD But my fave thing on her is her nightgown (?). But I dont know if this is considered an outfit. And I am still a beginner in English  because it is not my 1st language. So I went for the safe (& 2nd fave): the purple dress

30 Days of Clark and Tess
Day 8 || Favorite Season 8 moment ||

Tess Mercer: Hair Porn (Part1)


30 Days of Clark and Tess
Day 7 || Favorite Clark Luthor Scene ||

30 Days of Clark and Tess
Day 6 || Favorite AU Clark And Tess Scene ||