{ You’re a …. g i r l... ;

                              a   w o m a n }

Them eyes will always find them boobs” It’s a fairytale…a tale as old as time or sex!

∟What happened to the person who did it?
They got away... but I'm going to find them.
was this eppy supposed to be scary? was the CUTEST thing ever!!!

Rapunzel is just SOOOOOooo cute!!! and her family ^.^

Regina&Henry …. I cant #TheFeels

Regina “Ooh” face/ “Do you feel it?” “maybe” *my ship heart*

Princess Emma… I just.. *.*

the dance&Daddy Charming…..omg the cutest!!!

- Without you…?

- With me, Emma.

► Regina & Emma || I’ll be your soldier 2x10 [Swan Queen] Re-uploaded

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Anonymous asked: It IS Regina. Jane Espenson - the writer - said so on twitter. No need to make up weird theories. It was just poor casting because there might not be that many latino babies in talent agencies in Vancouver

and I have the weird theories? loool I was not saying that because the babie doesnt look like “latino babies” wtf?? you know some “latinos” are blond as a /baby/child! spcially Lana she’s really white! plus I’m black (half-black) and as a baby I was very very white, blonde-ish (?) and green eyes …now…i’m just a bad-awfull version (and poorer € lool ) of queen B! but yeah :( if she said so! awful story line…why the need to make her (regina) queen if she is already a princess? soon to be queen of that land? I should really REALLY start to watch ouat with portuguese subs! loool

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Someday you and me … we will find ourselves & love again! [Mariah Carey :::: I Still Believe] 

Happy Valentine’s Day 

Regina: Mama, I don’t want to marry the king… I don’t want this life.

Cora: You’re just frightened of having all that power.

Regina: I don’t want power!


Snow: So why? After everything… did you just go?

Emma: I don’t wanna be sheriff. I don’t want people relying on me. I don’t want this, any of it!


You can pretend all you want but…

►Regina&Emma || I’ll be your soldier

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My 1st swan queen video …what do you think? be kind >.<

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Once Upon a Time Season 2 PROMO!!!!


An angel’s smile is what you sell
You promise me heaven, then put me through hell

I play my part and you play your game
We give love a bad name